We’ve Removed The Complexity Associated With Setting Up Amazon Web Hosting Plus We’re Offering You More Benefits Than You’d Get By Installing AWS Services On Your Own

More Ease of Use, Less Technical Skills
There’s no doubt that Amazon AWS Cloud Hosting is the right choice for you hosting needs. If you wanted to install it yourself you would simply create your AWS account and then decide what type of EC2 instance to use? Next you would need to install the Apache Web Server and then PHP and MySQL and then install WordPress if you were running that and map your IP address and domain name. You’ll then be able get your site up and running once everything is configured and mapped correctly. With WPGateway, you don’t need any tech skills or the hours of install time that will be required to use it!

More Set It and Forget It Hosting Functionality
With WPGateway, you will discover that your life gets a lot easier. With all the automatic function built in to WPGateway, there is very little that you need to do to protect and maintain your sites. Once you set it, you can almost forget it. So much is automatically done for you that managing your sites is almost as easy as logging in to your main dashboard, looking around, and logging out.

More Secure Sites All Backed Up Regularly
Enjoy Peace of Mind knowing that your sites are more secure. You also can rest easy knowing that your sites are being automatically backed up every week and the backups stored offsite on a secure server so in case something should happen, you can have your sites back up and running again in a matter of minutes.More Time to Grow and Scale Your Business
WPGateway manages your sites maintenace task like installing SSL certificates, scheduled back ups and even cloning or restoring sites if necessary so you can focus your time and energy on the crucial projects that help build and grow your business.

More Effective Project and Time Management
WPGAteway can accomplish in a matter of minutes what would take you hours or even days to do with most other hosting services. When your time is free to focus on your projects and other important tasks, you simply get more done in much less time. Time is money and you can never buy a single minute more of it or get it back once it’s gone.

Amazon Hosting Features Done-For-You, Automatic Maintenance and State-of-the-Art WordPress Security

No Complicated AWS “Instances” to Install
WPGateway eliminates server configuration technical barriers while letting you take advantage of the same professional grade hosting that companies world wide have chosen for their needs. By bypassing the normal AWS setup process great savings in time and expense can be realized.

WordPress and Non-WordPress Hosting
No matter what type of website you have, the Amazon High-Speed Server offers an excellent hosting platform for you.

WordPress Optimized Firewall
WordPress sites are generally very vulnerable. Our High-Speed Amazon Servers include a WordPress Optimized Firewall.

Done-For-You cPanel Transfer
One-Click Transfers make it easy to transfer your website to Amazon Hosting server.

Done-For-You Domain Ordering
We make it quick and easy to order any domain from your dashboard at wholesale pricing.

Automatic Domain Install
When you order we automatically install your domain, give it it’s own unique IP address and configure the nameservers properly.

Done-For-You SSL Certification Ordering
Submit a support ticket to order an SSL Certificate for any of your sites.

Cpanel WordPress Installs (See DEMO)
Install WordPress on any of your sites and managed them from your WPGateway master dashboard.

Automatic Theme Updates
Each WP site offers the option to automatically update its WordPress theme when a newer version of that theme is released.

Automatic Plugin Updates
Each WP site offers the option to automatically update its plugins whenever there is a newer version released.

Unique IP Addresses For Domains
Get a unique IP with every cpanel and domain installed on the Amazon server.

Automated Status Checker Verifys Sites Are Live
If any of your sites go down, you want to know immediately so you can get the issue resolved before it hurts your business.

Automatic Status Failure Notification Alert Message
After 15 minutes of down time text message and/or an email is sent to let you know that your site is not responding.

Automatic Weekly Backups Saved for 3 Weeks!
WPGateway safely and automatically backs up backs up everything on your website. For Worpress site owners this includes including your pages, posts, plugins and content. In addtion, each backup is saved for 3 weeks before being overwritten by a newer backup unless you wish to keep it longer (or even indefinitely).

Done-For-You Backup Restore
Just submit a support ticket we’ll restore your site to it’s former state from the most recent automatic backup we have on file.

Done-For-You Website Cloning
Use our support desk to tell us what site you want to clone (on any server you have access to), and where you want to clone it to.

57 Layer Website Security
WPGateway Secure Extreme comes with 57 layers of protection to secure your website.

Automatic Security Settings
WPGateway checks your site for known vulnerabilities and will fix the security issues for you with one click.

Automatic Hacker IP Blocking
WPGateway automatically protects the sites against every known hacker IP.

Flexible FTP Access
Every hosted site is automatically set up with special FTP access and the access info is easily accessible in your WPGateway Dashboard.

5-Star Customer Support
WPGateway provides 5-Star Customer Support. In addition, the support staff is trained on important WordPress security issues.

Pre-Sale and Frequently Asked Questions….

Can We Guess You Have Questions? We’ve Got Some Answers For You!

I already have a domain, can I still use Amazon servers?

Yes, Just submit a support ticket with the login details where you registered your domain and we can change the nameservers for you.

How many domains can I host on the Amazon High-Speed servers?

The number of domains you can host will depend on which package you choose. The most best value package is the Business Yearly Plan” because that gives you hosting for up to 5 domains

cPanel included?

Yes. cPanel is automatically included for all hosted domains

Can I access my files via FTP?

Yes. Any site hosted on our Amazon High-Speed Servers automatically gets assigned a unique FTP login.

Can I clone my website(s)?

Yes. It is easy to clone your website. Open a support ticket indicating which website you want to clone and where you want to clone it.

I already have a website, will I be able to transfer it?

Yes. Just submit a support ticket with your current cPanel login details and we will do the transfer for you.

Do I have to transfer my domains?

Yes. You will need to transfer your domains to the Amazon servers in order to take advantage of all the WPGateway AWS server hosting benefits.

How often are my sites backed up?

Every site is automatically backed up once a week. This automatic backup does not need your involvement. If you your website(s) are WordPress based. we’ll give you our proprietary plugin that will let you make backup and restore with a single click!

Can I create a backup before making any website change?

Yes. We strongly recommend that you make an instant backup of your site before making changes to your website. If you need to, you will be able to restore your site to where it was before your changes.

How long are backups kept?

Automatic backups are stored for 3 weeks before being overwritten by a newer backup.

What is Done-For-You Restore?

When you want to restore any WordPress site you can submit a priority 1 support ticket. After receipt, we will restore a previous (latest) working copy of your site.

I’m not technical. Can I use this?

Outside of your account industry standard cPanel, there is no technical skill required for hosting your website on the Amazon AWS servers. We completely eliminate the normal technical skill required to instal ASW hosting for your domain(s).

How good is your customer support?

We have 5-star customer support. We have a high retention rate because our clients know that we are always there for them. We are constantly improving our service as well as developing new tools to meet the needs of our clients needs. If you need help with anything, just ask!

What are your support hours?

Our support desk is opened 24/7/365 and always manned to serve you!

Should I worry if my site is hacked?

While no one can guarantee that a website is impervious to attack or will never suffer a successful hacking attempt, we can say that in the unlikely event of a hacking attempt directed towards one of our clients, our backup and restore functionality which is second to none will be there to save the day!

What if I don’t know anything about website security?

When you manage your site with WPGateway, you don’t need to be a security expert. WPGateway will automatically look for the security issues and let you know what needs to be fixed — and with one click you can have WPGateway implement the fix.

Will WordPress plugins and themes automatically be updated?

It is easy to make sure your WordPress theme(s) and all your plugins are always the most recent version. Each wordpress site lets you select to automatically update your theme and/or automatically update all of your plugins. So with one click, you can automatically keep your wordpress site current with the most recent (and therefore most secure) versions of all your plugins and your theme.

What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer.

It is a special communication protocol that protects the information being transmitted across the web. It creates a secure connection between a person’s web browser and the server of the company they are interacting with, so all communication between the two is kept private and secure, safe from eavesdropping, and cannot be stolen or changed in transit.

How difficult is it to get SSL installed?

Getting set up with SSL is very easy. You only need to provide us with 3 pieces of information we’ll install and setup your SSL within a few minutes of purchase.