A CRITICAL WARNING: Shared hosting services we formerly recommended to our clients have proven to be a security risk!

Delinda Vreeland CEO

As a small business owner and consultant I have become alarmed by reports of the rapid rise in security intrusions and attacks on corporate and private servers by a host of factions, some known, others suspected and still many others which remain obscure or completely unidentifiable.

I believe that not only do I have an obligation to my clients but to the small business community as a whole as to publicise ways that WordPress based sites are being attacked, measures we are taking to protect our clients and solutions you should also consider.

We offer our clients a complete solution that cost them less…

While you can find inexpensive hosting just about anywhere, when it comes to your business’s website, data and customer information, a low cost hosting account won’t seem like such a bargain when your site is compromised by a hacker. Back in 2015 that’s exactly what happened to us and believe me, it can happen to you.

Perhaps you have been keeping up with the latest headlines in the news or maybe you haven’t. In any case I guarantee that the illusion of value that inexpensive hosting provides will rapidly evaporate when they offer you their after the fact solution that should have been a proactive standard feature in the first place. I say this because it’s a safe bet that like many businesses operating a website, you are employing the services of a “shared hosting” provider.

It is this seemingly inexpensive type of hosting that represented the extreme danger we had been exposing our clients to until we wised up! Currently, a full 94% of our client’s have their websites hosted exclusively on (AWS) Amazon Web Services Cloud Hosting. That’s not a coincidence and in a minute I’m going to explain why. Right now I want to offer you the same opportunity that nearly all of our clients use for their website hosting.

I want to make sure that you are aware that that you can take advantage of the service that is protecting our clients from hackers, malware, email phishing and a host of other nasty attacks that are mowing down sites faster that a zero turn lawn mower.

I spend quite a bit of time sending out emails to local businesses in my area with the same message I am delivering here . Perhaps you’ve been a recipient but if you have not, you can learn more by reading our “White Paper” about the many types of cyber attack threats and why you should take advantage of our Security and Hosting solutions.


We trust Amazon and you can trust us to protect you!

If you were the world’s largest online retailer could you afford to have your operation jeopardized by a cyber attack?

I think you will agree that the answer is definitely no but it’s also same reason that it makes sense to host your own business’s online assets with a company that understands how critical security is, what measures must be in place to prevent attacks and the dedication to ensuring that clients who trust them can rest easy knowing that they have the best service provider possible for the money they are spending.

No other system we’ve know of comes close to offering the total protection solution to keep websites safe from attack. I don’t say that to brag. I say it because it’s true. We simply will not provide our clients anything less than the best and for the immediate future, the first service we’re promoting to all potential new clients until we’ve reached as many as we possibly can.

You now have the oppourtunity to take advantage of the same professional grade hosting that companies world wide and that we provide to our clients and for our own web properties but without the traditionally difficult setup process typical of most AWS installations which represents a great saving in time and expense.

Of course the choice of web hosting and security services for your business is yours alone but if you decide to not take advantage of a the service that companies like BMW, Netflix, Dow Jones, Pinterest, Yelp and thousands more have chosen to protect their investments I can only tell you that cybercrime and hacking attacks are going to only get worse. You need to have something in place before the fact not after.

Wishing you good success!
Delinda Vreeland – CEO